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OXO February Challenge: Food Mills for the Win

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    Behind the Design: Space Saving Drying Rack

    OXO Tot was born out of necessity. In five years, 25 babies were born to OXO’s then 50 employees. Our engineers and product managers took the same curiosity-driven, problem-solving approach to parenthood (and the slew of gear that comes with it) as they did with creating household tools. Bib not catching crumbs, drips, and dribbles? Enter the Roll-Up Bib. What about a wipes dispenser that dispenses one wipe at a time instead of a handful at once? Try the PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser.

    By Rebecca Ulanoff
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  • Behind The Scenes

    Ask OXOnians: Our Biggest Cooking Challenges

    When it comes to cooking, no two people are exactly alike (we’re pretty sure that’s what makes potlucks work so well). Chances are, though, you’ve run into a task (or many) that you find intimidating.

    By Emily Connelly
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  • Behind The Scenes

    OXO February Challenge: Mastering Common Cooking Challenges

    February can be a slower month; the quiet after the holiday season, plus dreary weather and dropping temperatures can make it feel a little uninspiring. We decided to turn things around though, and take this month to inspire you to tackle some common cooking challenges (and fears). We’ll show you what OXOnians have overcome in the kitchen, good tips for mastering skills and new ways to get better dishes on the table. Follow along as we take on new skills every week this month.

    By OXO
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